Chimney CCTV Inspection

Think you have a chimney problem?  Why not call us Lo -Call nationwide in Ireland on 1890 929555   Many chimney issues are easily diagnosed by Chimney Ireland’s team due to the experience and knowledge built up over more than two decades of fixing chimney problems.

We can discuss your concern over the phone and if required can arrange a time that suits to visit your home or premises to conduct a free visual survey and estimate.

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C.C.T.V. Chimney Inspections

Chimney Ireland provide CCTV camera chimney surveys with the latest internal chimney surveying systems, This will identify damage, blockage or whatever the issue while also providing a recorded survey of your chimney which is ideal for insurance companies and often requested by building surveyors, architects & engineers etc.

Chimney inspection equipment

A chimney CCTV inspection survey will provide a record of damage which our loss assessor can demonstrate the extent of decay, damage or destruction. The survey chimney video is used to get your insurance company to cover the cost of repairs (subject to the cause of damage & term of insurance policies*).

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Chimney Inspection will locate any type of blockage in the chimney flue, unchecked these blockages hinder fireplace and chimney flue performance by partially obstructing at best, and at worst could lead to the build up of harmful carbon monoxide & blockages are the leading cause of chimney fire.

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