Stove And Fireplace Installation

Stove Installation – Stove fire fitting

Chimney Ireland not only have years of experience in the correct installation of stoves, ranges, and fireplaces. we install all stoves to the current building regulations and the stove manufactuerers installation sepecifications.
An incorrectly installed stove or range will lead to damage of the stove appliance, chimney damage and flue damage all of which will cause a sizeable expense to the home owner to recitify the original stove installation company’s defect. Save yourself future damage and bad advice on the incorrect lining system to suit your stove and chimney ring chimney Ireland now on 1890 929555 to have your stove install & fitting for a good stove installation price – WITHOUT PROBLEMS !

Stove installation prices

A good guide to future problems with the stove or range fitting will be the stove installation price or range installation price, if its way to cheap its going to be incorrect, defective liner system and void any warranty provided with the stove and flue liner system.

  • Contact Chimney Ireland for a stove installation price that will provide you with the following:
  • Stove or range installed to the building regulations, stove manufacturers specifications and to best practice
  • The correct flue liner system to suit both the stove and the types of fuel to be burnt
  • A no obligation quote and stove installation cost.

Phone Chimney Ireland on 1890 – 929555 to arrange a no obligation quote and your stove installation price

Chimney Ireland include the installation and Fitting of stoves, multi fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, gas stoves, Ranges fitted, Aga ranges fitted, fireplaces and fireplace surrounds fitted.