Chimney Cleaning

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Why chimney cleaning is essential maintenance 

It is important to provide good air flow in your fireplace which encourages combustion giving you a hot, clean burning fire, and reduces tar /creosote build-up in the flue liner and fireplace.
A smoky fire without enough oxygen releases unburned tar vapors which gathers inside the flue and sticks to it. Not cleaning This could lead to chimney fire particularly if a fire and chimney haven’t been cleaned in a unknown number of years (when a house is purchased or also in rental situations chimneys do not get cleaned even once a year), Chimneys should be swept twice annually to remove soot and the creosote tars that cause chimney fires.

Cleaning chimneys removes dangerous blockages

A new issue that is a contributing causes of chimney fires is the increased amount of the houses in Ireland have some forms of insulation in the walls and roof which reduces the months the fire is lit throughout the year. Fire’s which used to be lit on colder evenings which remove any summer / spring chimney flue blockages such as nesting birds etc. are not lit in houses.

Chimney cleaning services - Chimney flue Before cleaning and chimney flue after cleaning

A clean chimney benefits….

  • Cleaning your chimney at least once a year is a cost effective and necessary step to protect your home.
  • Cleaning your chimney will keep you, your family and your home safe while also keeping to the terms and conditions of maintenance with home insurance policies.
  • A chimney fire could easily spread across the roof, home & neighboring properties.
  • Cleaning a chimney is essential when taking occupancy of a home you have just bought & BEFORE YOU LIGHT ANY FIRES THE FLUE SHOULD BE CHECKED FOR BLOCKAGES (man made, damage blockage or nature such as bird nesting materials).
  • Getting a Chimney Sweep is necessary before any CCTV Surveys or inspections can take place & a responsible reliable chimney sweep will tell a home owner if they have found any flue damage or masonry, bricks etc. in the material cleaned from the chimney.
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