Chimney Rebuilding

Chimney Rebuilding

hairline cracks in your chimney’s make up (chimney brick, capstone) when neglected allow Water penetration through the cracked & failed cap. This will cause serious damage to the top courses of your chimney’s brickwork which will just crumble and splinter away over time.
Loose masonry and bricks pose serious safety risk and can if left unattended damage roofing and gutters below the chimney.

Chimney rebuilding cost

We can inspect your chimney and chimney lining to ensures the chimney is safe. This will allow our surveyor estimate the rebuilding cost. Chimney Ireland are Insurance approved chimney repair contractors and can assist you with all your chimney rebuilding insurance claims.

Chimney rebuilding costs are governed by three main factors,

  • The age of your property & height of the building.
  • The extent of damage your chimney stack & property has suffered.
  • The location of the chimney in the home (i.e. – chimney stack located on an exposed gable wall or chimney stack at the centre of house or semi detached house).

If your not sure if chimney rebuilding is going to be required the simplest thing is to phone Chimney Ireland on 1890 929555 for some advice and to discuss the signs of damage or chimney problems you are having.

Chimney damage - chimney problems | tar and oils seeping through walls

Oil and tar have seeped through from damaged chimney causing staining on house walls and ceiling.