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Welcome to Chimney Ireland…..Your West of Ireland chimney experts

Chimney Ireland welcomes you to our new mobile friendly website helping home owners all across the West of Ireland and the Midlands get support, advice and value for money on all types of chimney repairs – chimney construction – flue relining – chimney flue liner systems – chimney removal – and chimney damage insurance claims.

For over two decades Chimney Ireland have been repairing and constructing chimneys for customers and not long after we were in business it became apparent to us that the expense of chimney rebuilding & relining for most homeowners is unplanned spending and usually comes out of the blue what ever the cause whether it be a chimney fire, storm damage, water ingress or wear and tear on the lining.

We decided the best way to provide a first class chimney repair contractor service to clients was to add ‘in house’ chimney insurance claims assistance as a high percentage of our customers were unprepared for the large expenditure that many chimney repairs would cost. Rebuilding a chimney stack and relining a chimney flue are jobs that are extensive works and incur a hefty outlay. Not a huge leap for Chimney Ireland who were already insurance approved chimney repair contractors and many of the chimney repair quotes and estimates we under took were for clients insurance companies or for homeowners to provide their insurance company with so accommodating the home owner with a public registered loss assessor to manage their chimney damage and chimney fire insurance claims from the outset on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis gave peace of mind to customers that both the chimney repair and insurance claim management would be carried out by professionals – getting all liability met ensuring a full payout that would cover the large outlay that a chimney repair or rebuilding work entails.

Chimney Ireland are best equipped to provide your home with a turn key service today that will have the correct repair & restoration of your chimney at its core and a host of benefits that include dealing with loss adjusters and insurance company on your behalf.

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